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The Standard Book of Fishing
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This volume contains a thorough guide to fishing in America, including detailed information on a variety of fishing methods, and answering the key questions of when, where, and how to fish. Each subject is discussed exhaustively, and every question you are likely to ask is answered by the battery of experts who contributed to the book. Full explanations are provided concerning the various types and kinds of fishing tackle, and how to make and how to buy them; other areas covered within these pages include rod-making, fish cookery, how to fillet a fish, fly-tying, and much more. Clear and concise, this text is a must-have for any level of angler, and it makes for a worthy addition to collections of allied literature. The chapters of this book include: 'Salt Water Species'; 'Bonefish', 'Tenpounder', 'Milkfish'; 'The Mullets'; 'The Barracudas'; 'The Mackerel and Tuna Group'; 'The Speared Fishes'; 'The Crevalles'; 'Rainbow Runner'; 'The Pompanos'; 'The Amberjacks', et cetera. This text is being republished now complete with a new introduction on the history of angling.

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