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7 Day Diving Galapagos
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This fantastic, active 7-day program offers you diving tours in places where are manta rays, barracudas, hammerhead sharks, seahorses, and more will be regularly seen. You will visit the main diving spots of the Galapagos islands and you stay in comfortable tourist superior class hotels. To participate in this tour you need to have a valid PADI certificate. If you are interested in a diving course, please take a look at the 6 day diving course in the Galapagos.You start the tour in San Cristobal island where you have some self-guided activities before you go on the Kicker Rock dive on Day 2. On Day 3 you will go to Santa Cruz / Puerto Ayora village from where you will do the rest of the dives. On Day 4 – 6 you will do dive tours from with 2 immersions and a check dive each. The spots will differ per day.  Since the Galapagos Islands are very protected it is not possible to go to the diving spots every day.

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